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Sports Reports & PE News

Our Sports Vision

Through PE and School Sport, the children at Viewley Hill Academy are able to develop the important qualities of discipline, resilience, communication and teamwork, which in turn lead to improved concentration, attitude and academic achievement. We aim to give the children experiences that help to develop a lifelong love of exercise.

Year 5 & 6 Basketball Competition

Instead of doing PE on a Tuesday afternoon, eight of our Year 5s attended a Basketball Competition on the 30th January. The event was held at Outwood Academy and representing Viewley was: Lexi, Kada, Grace, Lilly, Dom, Ty, Luke and Brooklyn. We could only send Year 5 children due to the Year 6s being at Robinwood.

When we arrived at the venue, we were put in League B with four other schools (Corpus Christi, Newham Bridge, Breckon Hill and St. Alphonsus). Our team played really well but were unfortunately unsuccessful in the competition. However, Luke was our super star scorer as he scored two baskets!

The children returned to school happy and laughing; they had had a great time, which is all that matters!

“Some of other teams were really tall but we managed to get past them at times,” Ty commented.

“I’m just glad we got the chance to go because it was really fun,” Lexi stated.

Once again, our children did us proud when they stayed and applauded the winning team, showing excellent sportsmanship. We are very proud of our basketball pros; well done!

Year 5 & 6 MFC Foundation Football Tournament 

Football Fridays should definitely become a thing! On Friday 26th January, a group of Year 5 and 6 children attended a football tournament at the MFC Foundation. Evie, Sophie C, Caleb, Aaron, Alfie (Year 5), Deano, Orpheus and Joe (Year 6) made up our squad.

They were put into a group that had four other teams and they had to play each one. Our first game, against Preston Primary, ended with Viewley winning 2-1. Unfortunately, our next game was a tough one and we lost 4-1 to Ingleby Mill. However, our keeper, Aaron, made some excellent saves during the match. As our next match approached, the children discussed tactics and it was fantastic to see how our team worked together and supported one another. Viewley won 2-1 against The Village Primary and went on to draw our last game (1-1) against Archibald Primary. All of our team showed some excellent skill and there were some wonder goals scored by Orpheus, Alfie and Deano.

The children returned to school tired but very excited about the tournament. “We had a great time even though it was cold,” Aaron commented.

“It was an amazing morning and we tried really hard!” Sophie stated, “I hope we get to do it again.”

Once again, our Viewley Hill children were an absolute pleasure to take out to a competition. They showed sportsmanship, generosity and courage throughout the session; they are a credit to our school. Well done team; we are very proud of what you have achieved!


Year 3 & 4 Indoor Athletics Competition

A Thursday afternoon seems like the perfect time to go out and compete! That is exactly what our Year 4s did on 24th November. They attended the Middlesbrough Primary Schools Indoor Athletics Competition, which was held at The Herlingshaw Centre, and took part in a variety of track and field events.

It was a tough competition, with fourteen schools participating, but our children did not give up. They ran as fast as they could; jumped as high as they could; threw as far as they could and worked together in relay races.

Overall, Viewley Hill came 10th and we are so proud of our athletes! They showed great tenacity, sportsmanship and ability throughout the afternoon; well done!

Year 5 & 6 Indoor Athletics Competition

On Wednesday 23rd November, we attended the Middlesbrough Primary Schools Indoor Athletics Competition. All 26 of our Year 5 children went and they all competed in their chosen event.

Field (Girls) Track (Girls) Field (Boys) Track (Boys)
Chest Push: Kelsey, Miah & Megan Obstacle Relay: Sophie F, Kelsey, Ruby & Megan Chest Push: Ty, Brooklyn & Liam Obstacle Relay: Alfie, Liam, Logan & Caleb
St. Long Jump: Jade, Lexi & Kada 1 + 1 Lap: Sophie C & Katy St. Long Jump: Corey, Keidan & Caleb 1 + 1 Lap: Alfie & Aaron
St. Triple Jump: Lucy, Ruby & Lilly 2 + 2 Lap: Jade & Grace St. Triple Jump: Alfie, Luke & Corey 2 + 2 Lap: Dom & Caleb
Vertical Jump: Sophie F, Megan & Sophie C 6 Lap: Grace & Kada Vertical Jump: Ty, Dom & Luke 6 Lap: Ty & Aaron
Soft Javelin: Evie, Katy & Katelin Over/Under Relay: Jade, Lucy, Lexi & Lilly Soft Javelin: Brooklyn, Alfie & Caleb Over/Under Relay: Brooklyn, Luke, Corey & Keidan
Speed Bounce: Grace, Kada & Evie 4 x 1 Relay: Lucy, Lilly, Kada & Evie Speed Bounce: Dom, Aaron & Logan 4 x 1 Relay: Ty, Dom, Liam & Logan

Our athletes were excellent contenders and we came second and third in a number of events.

However, it wasn’t only the children’s sporting ability put to the test … the teachers had to give the javelin a go too! Miss Shadforth’s attempt was nowhere near as good as the children’s but there was still cheering from the Viewley area of the sports hall.

It was an absolute joy to take the Year 5 children to this event. They showed compassion towards one another; they showed excellent sportsmanship towards other teams; their behaviour was outstanding. We are so proud of our SPORTING SUPERSTARS!

One of Our Own!


A massive congratulations to our very own Orpheus Avlonitis (Year 6)! He has been selected to represent the county and is now a member of the Middlesbrough Primary Schools District Football Team. This team is made up of Year 6 boys from schools across Middlesbrough and we are so proud that, after taking part in trials, Orpheus has been picked!

Year 6 Golf Tournament 

A Wednesday seems like a great day to try something new! That is exactly what ten of our Year 6 children (Ashden Blackman, Callum Heard, Owen Bennett, Ryan Short, Billy Robinson, Caitlyn Roth, Grace Stevenson, Gracie Macpherson, Lily Burns and Angelina Moyo) did on Wednesday 18th October. Our children were invited to Unity City Academy to try their hand at golf, which is something they haven’t done before. The Year 6s took this in their stride and were excited to have a go – they even practised their swings on the playground.

Overall, Viewley came 12th in the tournament which we think is pretty impressive considering it was our first time, and the children had a great afternoon!

Year 5 & Year 6 Girls Tag Rugby Competition 

On Friday 13th October, nine of our girls (Evie Horncastle, Kada Wilson, Grace Desics, Megan Poole, Sophie Flynn, Grace Stevenson, Angelina Moyo, Lola Morrison and Caitlyn Roth) went out to a Tag Rugby competition at the Southlands Centre. It was a very windy day and the matches were held on the outside pitches. However, the weather didn’t put our girls off as they played two matches against Sunnyside, which we won, and Breckon Hill, which we lost.

Overall, our girls came third in Plate 1 and we could not be prouder!


Year 5 & Year 6 Tag Rugby Competition

On Tuesday 10th October, two of our Year 5 children (Kada Wilson and Evie Horncastle) and seven of our Year 6 children (Angelina Moyo, Grace Stevenson, Ashden Blackman, Luke Sullivan, Kayden Donnelly, Billy Robinson and Orpheus Avlonitis) attended a Tag Rugby Competition. The event was held on the outdoor pitches at Middlesbrough College and over 30 schools attended. It was an all day event and the children played a lot matches. Unfortunately, we did not make it to the final but our children stayed to watch, and applaud, the overall winners.

Once again, the Viewley children were excellent representatives of our school. They were kind, honest and played by the rules in all of their matches. Kada said, “it was a great day and we had a lot of fun,” which was evident from the smiles on their faces when they returned to school. Well done team; we are super proud of you!

Middlesbrough Small Schools Football Tournament

On Tuesday 19th September, four boys from Year 5 (Alfie Farrell, Dominic Reed, Aaron Jowers and Caleb Bradley) and six boys from Year 6 (Deano Al-Bakeeri, Orpheus Avlonitis, Josef Suddick, Kayden Donnelly, Harrison Jenney and James Smith) attended the Middlesbrough Small Schools Football Tournament, which was held at the Southlands Centre. They played three exciting games against St. Alphonsus (won 4-o), Caldicotes (1-1) and Marton Manor (0-0) – our goal scorers were: Orpheus (2), James (1) and Josef (2). The last game of the afternoon, against Marton Manor, was nearly won by Deano who, in last minute, headed the ball just past the post. Viewley Hill came second in the competition, with Caldicotes winning by a narrow margin, and the boys were awarded with a silver medal.

Our boys performed excellently on the pitch but also on the side lines. They showed true sportsmanship, as they shook hands with all the other teams, and kindness, when they allowed another school to borrow a pair of goalkeeper gloves. The boys represented our school in an outstanding way and we could not be prouder of them!


The Primary Sports Awards

On Thursday 6th July 2017, we were invited to The Primary Sports Awards for Middlesbrough. It was held at Teesside University and twenty-eight primary schools from across Middlesbrough were in attendance. Each school was asked to nominate a Year 6 boy and Year 6 girl as Sports Personality of the Year. At Viewley Hill we decided it had to be Connah Dalton and Ellie Sobey. Mrs Willis and Miss Shadforth had the honour of taking our two winners to the event and enjoyed seeing our stars being celebrated.

Connah: He is an excellent sportsman and will always take part in an activity. He enjoys team games and working with other children to be successful. Connah has represented the school on many occasions and is an absolute role model to younger children. His conduct and ability is second to none.

Ellie: She is fantastic when it comes to team games, dance, gymnastics, running and anything else! Ellie is an amazing sportswoman with a natural ability, but is always pushing herself to do better. She has represented the school in numerous events and always shows outstanding respect to other participants.

Year 3/4 Discovery Alliance Athletics

On Tuesday 20th June 2017, all of our Year 3 and Year 4 children attended the Discovery Alliance Athletics Event. This is the second year this event has taken place and all the schools in our alliance attended. The children took part in a range of events, such as: 100m sprint, 800m long run, 4×4 relay, howler throw and shot. There was also a cycling challenge – to cycle the distance from John O’Groats to Lands End in one day. All the schools took part in this activity and were successful in clocking up the miles – 874 in total!  Once back at school, our PE Co-ordinator received an email with the day’s results.  Easterside were in fourth place; Sunnyside in third; Rosewood in second and … Viewley Hill had come first and were the new champions! We even get a shiny silver trophy with our name engraved on it. Fantastic!

Year 4 Cricket Competition – May 2017

On Thursday 25th May 2017, ten of our Year 4 children attended a cricket competition, which was held at Marton Cricket Club. They played five tough matches against a variety of schools and we managed to progress through to the semi-finals.  The teams were put into four groups and the top two from each when through to the knock-out stages. Out of the three games played, our children won two and came second in the group! In the first knockout round, we beat Corpus Christi and this allowed us to progress through to the quarter-finals, where we met Berwick Hills. Our children were victorious in this match too, which meant we had made it to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals we played Rose Wood Academy and, unfortunately, we lost this game. However, our children had played some amazing cricket and were unlucky not to reach the final.

Year 6 Girls Basketball Tournament – February 2017

On Tuesday 7th February 2017, some of our Year 6 girls attended a basketball tournament, which was held at Unity City Academy. They played six toughgames against Linthorpe, Pallister Park, Marton Manor, St Edwards and Ayresome, managing to win five of them and drawing one. The teams were put into leagues, with our girls being drawn in League One, and they had to play for the title. Our fantastic five won their league, bringing a trophy and medals back to school with them. Well done girls!Our team was mentioned in the awards ceremony for their excellent team work
and Ellie was given a special mention due to her 8 baskets in the last game. ‘I really enjoyed myself and just wanted to win for school,’ Ellie commented.

Year 3 & 4 Skipping Festival – December 2016

On Thursday 1st of December, some of our Year 3 and Year 4 children attendedMiddlesbrough’s first ever Skipping Festival at the Sports Village. There was lots of excellent
skipping and the children really showed off their skills. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the overall event but we did receive some awards for our super skipping.
Kelsey Brown (Y4) won GOLD in the Side Swing girls.
Brooklyn Watson (Y3) won BRONZE in the Cross-over boys.
Grace Desics (Y4) won BRONZE in the Cross-over girls.
Kada Wilson (Y4) won BRONZE in the Pretzel girls.
A team of 6 children – Jade Pugh (Y4), Aaron-James Jowers (Y4), Lily-May Jackson (Y4), Megan Poole (Y4), Libby Fryer (Y3) and Alfie Paice (Y3) – won SILVER in the Run-Jump-Out team skip.

The children showed themselves to be excellent sportsmen as they cheered each other andapplauded other teams. As usual, the behaviour of our children was outstanding! Well done Super Skippers, we are so proud!

Year 4 & 5 Indoor Athletics – November 2016

On Thursday 24th of November, our Year 4 children went to Eston Leisure Centre to take part in the Middlesbrough Schools’ Indoor Athletics. They were up against another fourteen schools! There was a variety of track and field events for boys and girls. Our children took part in every event and were excellent cheerleaders from the side lines too! The children conducted themselves really well and people commented on their good behaviour. As the afternoon drew to a close, the announcer asked the teachers to take a place on the floor … it was their turn to do some athletics! Thankfully, it wasn’t a 3 by 3 relay race or anything like that, it was a javelin throw. Mrs Wahid stepped up to the challenge and threw her javelin as far as she could, reaching about 8 metres. Well done Mrs Wahid!

On Friday 25th of November, it was time for the Year 5 children to go to the Middlesbrough Indoor Athletics. This time we were up against thirteen other schools. Our boys and girls tried their hardest in all events for track and field. They showed excellent sportsmanship as they applauded each other and other teams throughout events. The resilience they showed was fantastic as they
never gave up and kept on going right to the end. Once again the behaviour of the children was of an extremely high standard. Miss Shadforth thought she had got out of doing some athletics but then the dreaded words, “Can teachers make their way to the floor?” sounded around the Sports Hall. Miss Shadforth managed to throw her javelin 10 metres. Although this wasn’t enough to beat
some of the other schools’ teachers, we definitely won for the loudest cheering!  Over the two afternoons, both Year 4 and Year 5 showed how excellent they are. Their behaviour was impeccable, their sportsmanship was fantastic and their effort was outstanding. They did themselves, their teachers and Viewley Hill proud. Well done guys!

Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby – October 2016

On Thursday October 13th our Tag Rugby team travelled to Middlesbrough College with 32 other teams to take part in the Middlesbrough Schools’ Tag Rugby championships.  We started off well with our first match against Green Lane ending in a draw. We lost the next match against Pallister Park (the eventual championship winners.) Our first win was against Abingdon. The final match of the morning was against Berwick Hills which was played in torrential rain. It was a really close game which we eventually lost by 1 point. In the afternoon, we were unbeaten in the Plate league and got through to the semi-final. This was a really close game which we won in extra time  In the final it was again end to end stuff but we were eventually beaten by 1 point by Ayresome. The team worked well together and particularly enjoyed meeting players from other teams.

Year 5 & 6 Small Schools Football Tournament – September 2016

On Tuesday 27th September, some of our Year 5 and 6 boys attended the Small Schools Football Tournament, which was held at the Southlands Centre. The tournament was heldoutside and, although it was windy, our boys showed excellent resilience throughout the six games that they played. Viewley Hill lost 2 nil to St Gerards, drew 0-0 with Marton Manor
and lost 1 nil against Caldicotes, St Pius, St Thomas More and St Alphonsus. St Gerards were the overall winners.  However, the boys returned triumphant in their effort and proud of the way they had played. “It was a great effort afternoon, I really enjoyed myself,” commented Orpheus (Y5).  “I was really proud to captain the team in two of the games. I thought we played really welland were unlucky sometimes,” stated Deano Al-Bakeeri (Y5).  The Viewley footballers showed outstanding sportsmanship throughout the afternoon and were congratulating other teams in their success. We couldn’t be prouder of you boys.


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