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Fantastic effort from Team Viewley today, clearing snow from the paths, making school safe and accessible. Thank you everyone!

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Around the World Day

It was Around The World Day and Reception visited Mexico.  They made the flag, tried the chilli, created link snakes  and decorated sombrero biscuits.  Then they performed the Mexican Hat Dance to a mariachi band and finished off the day with a pinata.  Hola!

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Guide Dog visits Reception

Reception enjoyed three special visitors this week: Junior the Guide Dog puppy and his two trainers.  Lots of learning and excellent behaviour - from the children and the dog!

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Year 3/4 coding with Lego WeDo

Let the Lego WeDo be Lego WeDone!  Y3/4 set out the bits, looked at the instructions and got coding.  Watch this space for robots, spaceships and... dancing birds?

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Year 5 Stargazers

Year Five started their new theme of "Stargazers" with an evening spent... stargazing!  Team this up with the fire-pit, marshmallows and biiig mugs of hot chocolate, and they had a fantastic night.

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Year 1/2 Moon Zoom!

Year 1/2 finished off their learning with a big make!  The theme had been "Moon Zoom" and they had met the aliens, rebuilt the spaceship and investigated all sorts of Moony Zoomy things.  It was time to get the adults in to help them reach for the stars.

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Year 6 Christmas Party

It just wouldn't be the Y6 Christmas Party without the selfies, the Christmas jumpers and the conga.  Happy Christmas Year 6.

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Year 3/4 Viking Trade Fair

Year 3/4 had been learning about Traders and Raiders.  This meant VIKINGS!  To finish the term, they held a Viking Trade Fair to showcase their awesome learning. Thank you to all the parents, families and friends of Viewley who came to support the event.  We were all rightly amazed!

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