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Year Six investigate ice

The new theme was "Frozen Kingdom".  Year Six had a mighty iceberg and a challenge:  Ask your own questions, find your own answers.  What does it weigh?  Is it floating?  Why does the water feel colder?  Can I make an enormous SPLAAAASH?  This is exactly what Ernest Hemingway had in mind when he wrote about dignity!

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Shoeboxes ready to go.

Last term's assembly theme was Generosity.  Between the Harvest Festival donations to Middlesbrough Food Bank and the kindness shown by packing all that love into the shoeboxes, Viewley Hill children and families have shown great Generosity indeed.  Thank you all.

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Who’s the Mummy?

Who's the mummy? Can you recognise any of our Year 5s? To kick off their new theme of Pharaohs, Year 5 gave the mummification process a go ... although everybody did go home with all of their organs unlike the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. 

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Year Five go old-school with their comms

How did people communicate before the telephone and internet? Can you even imagine such a world? Year 5 learned about Semaphore, which is a system that used flags to represent letters, and even had a go at it themselves.   Can you read their messages?

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Y1/2 Enchanted Woodland

As part of their learning on 'Enchanted Woodland', Y1/2 studied the work of sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, who uses natural materials in his work. They used his piece Fall Leaves as inspiration for their work, collected leaves and sorted them into similar hues before arranging them.
To celebrate the end of their theme, as the 'Express' activity, Y1/2 shared Their learning at 'Mr Fox's Woodland Party'. They produced invitations using computing, decorated biscuits, made their own woodland masks and proudly talked through their learning with their families.

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Reception visit Duncombe Park

Reception rounded off their theme of "Why do leaves turn crispy?" with a trip to a Country Estate.  They saw the sheep and the fields, the green leaves and the brown.  Also the enormous Country Mansion and the Birds of Prey!  Thank you to the Country Trust for making this visit possible.

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Harvest Festival

Thank you to everyone who contributed gifts of food, tins, dried goods and jars to the harvest table.  Your generosity is beyond all expectations.  We are proud to be able to support Middlesbrough Foodbank again this year.  

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Diwali at Viewley Hill

It was Diwali.  Children in Reception had learned about Diva Lamps, about Mehndi Designs and Rangoli Patterns.   They had learnt the story of Rama and Sita, and they had learnt about samosas, pakoras and fancy clothes. The time had come to - light them - draw them - colour them - watch it - eat them - wear them - all in that order!

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