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SEND Information Report


  • How does our school identify that children have special educational needs and/or disabilities? (SEND)
  • What are the first steps school will take if SEND are identified?
  • What should parents/carers do if they think their child has SEND? How can you raise concerns?
  • What intervention is available to children?
  • How will our school involve children in the assessment process?

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  • How will our school teach and support children with SEND?
  • What expertise does the school and our staff have in relation to SEND?
  • How does our school ensure that information about a child’s SEND or EHC plan is shared and understood by teachers and all relevant staff who come into contact with your child?
  • How will our school include parents and the child in planning support?
  • What access do our children with SEND have to facilities and extra-curricular activities?

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  • How is the different provision delivered in our school?
  • What role will your child’s teacher play in the additional provision?
  • Which other services do we use to provide for and support our children?
  • How will parents/carers be kept informed of engagement in additional provision whilst it is ongoing?
  • How does our school encourage parents/carers to become involved in the additional provision?

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  • Who will be talking with and keeping in touch with the parent/carer?
  • How do we assess and evaluate the provision we have arranged for your child?
  • How does our school plan transition for children with SEND?

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Basic Skills Agency
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