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How viscous is your liquid?

The theme in Year 3/4 was potions!  The children had a great time testing the viscosity of different liquids during the Wacky Races game.   They found our that golden syrup is the most viscous as it took the loooonnnngest time to move down the ramp.  





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Reception visit Duncombe Park

Reception rounded off their theme of "Why do leaves turn crispy?" with a trip to a Country Estate.  They saw the sheep and the fields, the green leaves and the brown.  Also the enormous Country Mansion and the Birds of Prey!  Thank you to the Country Trust for making this visit possible.

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Harvest Festival

Thank you to everyone who contributed gifts of food, tins, dried goods and jars to the harvest table.  Your generosity is beyond all expectations.  We are proud to be able to support Middlesbrough Foodbank again this year.  

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