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National Curriculum

What will my child learn in school?

We have always placed a great emphasis on helping the children make links in their learning through a cross-curricular approach to our wider subject teaching.  Our new curriculum continues this approach as children are taught through themes that have a distinct subject driver and clear curriculum links to other subjects allowing for greater development of skills within a strong and meaningful context for the children.

At Viewley Hill Academy, we encourage the ‘Cornerstones’ model, with 4 tenets of learning: Engage, Develop, Innovate, Express. This provides experiences which inspire the children, encourage independence and resilience in their learning and offer the opportunities to apply their skills in a range of contexts.

Children benefit from a breadth of curricular and real-world experiences, such as educational visits or visitors in school every half term to initiate the ‘Engage’ stage of their learning. This ‘hooks’ the pupils, encouraging curiosity and inspiring enquiry.

During the ‘Develop’ stage of the curriculum, the children will acquire knowledge which supports their questioning, in order that, during the ‘Innovate’ phase, they are able to self-direct, investigate and explore an aspect of their learning in greater depth. This style of learning promotes independence and builds resilience, as the pupils face challenges and seek ways to overcome them.

The final stage is ‘Express’, which gives the children an opportunity to share and disseminate their learning with others. This may take the form of a carnival procession, a school assembly or a musical performance. The collaborative and celebratory nature of this learning is highly inclusive and is frequently shared with parents.

Long term theme map:

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
EYFS Why do you love me so much?

<span “>Understanding the world

Why do leaves turn crispy?

Expressive arts and design

How many colours in the rainbow?

Understanding the world

Do dragons exist?

Understanding the world

Does it rhyme all the time?

Literacy/communication & language

Are eggs alive?

Understanding the World

Why is water wet?

Physical Development

Y1/2 Towers, Turrets and TunnelsHistory driver Mess, Muck and MixturesArt driver Rio de VidaMusic/Geography driver The Scented GardenScience driver Dinosaur PlanetHistory driver BeachcombersScience driver
Y3 Tribal TalesHistory driver Scumdiddlyumptious!DT driver Gods and MortalsHistory driver Mighty MetalsScience TremorsGeography driver Predator!Science driver
Y4 Misty Mountain SierraGeography driver I am Warrior!History driver Burps, Bottoms and BileScience driver PlaylistMusic driver 1066History driver PotionsScience driver
Y5 Time TravellerArt driver PharaohsHistory driver StargazersScience driver AllotmentGeography driver Peasants, Princes and PestilenceHistory driver Scream MachineScience driver
Y6  A Child’s WarHistory driver Frozen PlanetGeography driver Darwin’s DelightsScience driver Hola Mexico!Music driver BloodheartScience driver Gallery RebelsArt driver
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