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As an Academy, Viewley Hill is overseen by a Board of Members.  These Members are responsible for the over-arching efficient running of the academy and have certain individual liability:

Every Member of the Academy Trust undertakes to contribute such amount as may be required (not exceeding £10) to the Academy Trust’s assets if it should be wound up while he or she is a Member or within one year after he or she ceases to be a Member, for payment of the Academy Trust’s debts and liabilities before he or she ceases to be a Member, and of the costs, charges and expenses of winding up, and for the adjustment of the rights of the contributories among themselves. (Articles of Association)

Viewley Hill Academy Members:

Member Profession Date of Appointment Date of Leaving Trustee Role
Pastor Kenneth Stone Church Minister January 2014 Chair of Governors

Community Governor

Rev Robert Desics C of E Vicar January 2014 February 2016 Community Governor
Mrs Kelly Maughan Teacher January 2014 Parent Governor
Mrs Claire Moore Owner, Supply Agency January 2014 July 2015 None
Mrs Julie Bruce Lawyer (HR Specialist) January 2014 None
Youth Sport Trust
Basic Skills Agency
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