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Health and Welfare

Accidents and Illnesses in School

If your child is ill or has an accident during the school day they will be checked by a member of staff who is trained in First Aid.  If we feel it necessary we will contact you using the details you give us on your child’s contact form.  It is therefore extremely important that these numbers are kept up to date and you inform the school office of any changes. In the case of small scrapes or bruises we do not normally inform parents.  If we have a concern or we feel your child would benefit from being at home we will contact you as soon as possible.

Medicines in School

At times it may be necessary for your child to take medicines for an illness whilst still attending school.  In such cases nominated school staff will only administer medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor, carry the child’s name on the prescription label of the bottle and require 4 doses daily. Parents will need to complete a from at the school office before any medicines can be administered. Viewley Hill cannot be held responsible for any cases of missed doses where a child has forgotten to come for their medicine at the arranged time.


If your child suffers from asthma please complete a form at the office detailing their treatment and any triggers so that we can ensure your child’s details are on our asthma register.  If your child requires an inhaler to be kept in school this must be clearly labeled and given to the school office in the first instance.  Parents are responsible for ensuring asthma medication is up to date.

Head Lice

Unfortunately, head lice are a fact of school life and are in no way related to poor hygiene. Please inform school if you discover lice in your child’s hair. Head lice is not a reason for absence; children can be in school as soon as the hair is treated.

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