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Curriculum for Life

There have been huge changes to the curriculum since 2014 and our children have been fantastic at rising to higher expectations and new learning. We want to ensure that within this we do not overlook key experiences and opportunities that we believe every child should have whilst at primary school.  We asked the children, parents, and staff ‘What should every child have the chance to learn or experience whilst they are at Viewley Hill?’ 

These things are sometimes described as the ‘hidden curriculum’ in a school as they often take place but don’t get as much attention as reading, writing and maths. We want to make the ‘hidden curriculum’ more visible and ensure that we are providing  rich experiences that are going to support our children to become confident and valuable members of the community.

The result is our Curriculum for Life (C4L) which has 5 broad themes:

  • New pursuits
  • Not about me
  • Self care skills and independence
  • Wider world experiences
  • Manners

There are a number of activities for each year group within each of these themes that have been incorporated into the annual planning for each class. Some of these activities are not ‘brand new’ learning such as saying please and thank you in nursery but our aim is to ensure that these skills are explicitly taught and practiced so that they are secure before the children move on to another class.  Where places have been identified to visit we will be workto plan suitable trips.  It’s a lot to add into an already packed curriculum and teaching day but we are up for the challenge!

Please open the link below to see the C4L in detail.

Youth Sport Trust
Basic Skills Agency
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