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Behaviour and Safety

Academy Behaviour

We have very high expectations of behaviour at Viewley Hill Academy and we are proud of our very good behaviour. Children and adults are expected to use good manners at all times and treat everyone with respect. We encourage and reward good behaviour e.g. with our ‘Smileys’ reward scheme and Star of the Week assembly. We want children to know how to behave well so that all children can learn and grow up to be good and trustworthy citizens.

We have five ‘VIEWLEY VALUES’ that underpin our good behaviour and which help the children learn what is meant by ‘good’ behaviour.  Our values are:

  • We try our best.
  • We listen.
  • We are respectful.
  • We are honest.
  • We are kind and helpful.

We set clear limits to poor behaviour and we encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions. We know that sometimes things don’t always go well and when this happens we give children time-out to reflect and get their behaviour back on the right track. We will let you know if there are concerns and hope that you will work with us to help your child improve their behaviour.

If you have any problems with your child’s behaviour, please let us know as we may be able to help or offer support. Please contact the class teacher or Mrs Moore, our Parent Support Adviser.

Academy Safety and Security

Parents will appreciate that security arrangements are for the benefit of the children and the staff.  Viewley Hill is a no smoking site and dogs must not be brought onto the premises at any time. Any children arriving late will need to use the main entrance.  Parents may not accompany their children to their classrooms when school is in session; a member of the office team will accompany children who are late to their classroom. Parents should not attempt to enter the main teaching block through cloakroom doors or elsewhere at any point during the day.  If you wish to speak to a teacher please arrange this at the main reception.

These procedures are to ensure that we comply with safeguarding practices that all schools and academies must adopt to ensure the safety of both pupils and staff.  Thank you for your understanding.

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