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At Viewley Hill Academy we welcome all parents who would like a tour of the school and a discussion about admission with the head teacher. Information concerning admission to Middlesbrough primary school schools can be found via the following link:

Middlesbrough School Admissions


Starting Nursery

Children are usually admitted to Nursery shortly after their third birthdays. The nursery will contact parents when a place is available. A list of children requiring a nursery place is kept and parents should give names to the school office staff at the earliest opportunity to ensure a place is allocated. The nursery capacity is for 26 children and children attend for half a day, usually either mornings or afternoons.

Starting Reception         

The school follows Middlesbrough Local Authority school admissions policy.  A meeting with the head teacher and class teacher(s) will take place before children enter full-time education. This is an opportunity for us to tell you about life and learning in Reception class and for you to tell us more about your child and to ask questions.

We know that starting nursery and full-time school need good preparation. We help children by having ‘get to know you’ days when children attend their new class, meet staff and get to know the classroom.

Parents can help by making sure children arrive on time, wear appropriate clothing and by discussing their child with staff to ensure we know as much as possible to help children settle in.

Mid-Year Admissions

Where we have capacity in year groups it is possible for us to accept new pupils mid-year who are transferring from other schools.  This must be arranged through the local authority.

Youth Sport Trust
Basic Skills Agency
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