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Nursery Stay and Play

It was Stay and Play in Morning Nursery.  Mums, dads, grandmas, granddads and nannas were staying and playing and reading and building and joining in and it was all marvellous and brilliant and fantastic!

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The snow fell...  What else can you do but go out and learn about it!

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Year 3/4 Learning Treat

Year 3/4 showed such good Behaviour for Learning that they filled their marble jar in no time at all!  Time to roll out the hot chocolate and biscuits.  Well done Year 3/4!

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Year 2 Science

Year Two investigated whether they could change materials by using different forces.  Including the FORCE of their FACE!

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Konnichi-wa, Reception!

It was Around the World Day!  Reception visited Japan.  While they were there, they tried using chopsticks, practised their calligraphy, made koinobori and folded some origami.  They also dabbed on some cherry blossoms and cut out a Japanese flag.  Through experiencing these wonders, Reception learnt about themselves too.  Or as the Japanese may say, “花鳥風月”

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Thank You Jorvik!

The children in Y4 wrote Thank You letters to Jorvik following the wonderful trip.  It was a pleasant surprise to receive their reply in the post today!

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Year Five take the Vegemite Challenge

Vegemite.  Who doesn't love it?  It's salty and healthy too!  As the University of New Hampshire recently reported: "This savory spread is packed with B vitamins and was originally popular in the armed forces. The spread has also been prescribed ... as a vitamin B supplement. One serving provides 25-50% RDI of folate, vitamin B1, B2, and B3 (also known as thiaminriboflavin, and niacin)." In other words, it's great.  And Y5 clearly loved the taste too :-?

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Year Five arrive in Australia

It was Around the World Day.  Year Five were travelling to Australia so they made sure they packed a hat and a kangaroo along with their passports.  

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